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Kitchen Gadgets - Bowl Stand

Bowl Stand A bowl stand is perhap the most 'common' gadget made at camp. Simple to construct and useful it is a good item for those learning about pioneering and gadgets. All you need to do is select three suitable lengths of wood (good strong stout branches, not thin weak ones as they will not take the weight of the bowl of water).Simply lash the three branches together about one half to a third of the way down the length. Then open out the tripod so that the three legs are interlocking and 'resting' upon one another. Place a bowl firmly into the top and ensure the stand is sturdy. You may want to secure the feet by driving them into the ground a little.
Note that several different lashing types could be used, although I recommend a simple shear lashing with frapping turns. The trick is to make the lashing and frapping turns slightly loose so that the tripod can open out.

To finish off you can attach a cross frame around the top or bottom of the tripod and add optional extras like towel holders.


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